Terms of Use

Website drseven.vn (hereinafter Dr7) is owned by Dr. Seven Joint Stock Company. Website members are customers, website users, members, individual organizations with legal commercial activities that are allowed to use the service by Dr. Seven. All members must comply with the regulations that are set forth by Dr. Seven as follow.

All contents in this Regulation must conform to Decree No.52/2013/ND-CP issued by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Membership when joining Dr. Seven must research their legal responsibility for the substantive law of Vietnam and commit to comply with the content of this regulation.


Domain Name: Dr. Seven E-commerce site is operated through the only domain name which is https://drseven.vn and it is used and managed by Dr. Seven Joint Stock Company with all rights.

General definition:

Provider: Dr. Seven Joint Stock Company

User: Organization or individual who needs information about medical equipment products that are posted on Dr. Seven. The user has the right to or not to register an account.

Membership: Including providers, users, collaborators and website users.


Step 1: Customers search for the needed service information at https://drseven.vn

Step 2: Customers check the details of the service, if accept to use the service, you can contact the Company.

Step 3: Fill in the form with your information (Full name, Phone, Email, etc).

Step 4: Please check your email to confirm the information.

Step5: After receiving information from the service customers, the Customer Service Department of Dr. Seven will contact the customer via the phone number provided by the helpline to verify the information that needs to be consulted. In case the service customer does not provide enough information as well as inaccurate information or Dr. Seven suspects inaccuracies in information, we reserve the right not to perform the service and will notify the customer by provided phone or email.

Step 6: Dr. Seven can perform the service at the address given by the customer or the customer can come directly to the company which is informed on the website of Dr. Seven to use the service.


Dr. Seven carries out the delivery of the goods to the customer. After receiving information from the customer and verify the information of using the service over the phone, Dr. Seven will carry out the service that is requested


Customers can refer to the following payment methods to choose the suitable way for your needs:

Acceptable payment methods: Direct payment at the company. Company staff deliver and collect money at your address.


To ensure successful transactions, minimize possible risks, customers should provide information completely and accurately (name, address, phone number, email) when using services at Dr. Seven so that the Customer Service Department can contact the buyer as quickly as possible.



To respecting and protecting the buyer’s private interests, Dr. Seven commits to safeguarding customer’s data


To access and use some services at https://drseven.vn, you may be asked to provide personal information (Email, Full name, Contact, etc.). All information must be accurate and legal. Dr. Seven does not assume all liability concerning the law of the disclosed information.

We may also gather information about the number of visits, including the number of your viewing pages, the number of your clicking links, and other information relating to the connections to https://drseven.vn website. We also gather the Web browser information that you use each time for accessing Dr. Seven, including IP Address, Browser, Language, Time, and the addresses that the browser can access.


Website drseven.vn gathers and uses your private information for the appropriate purpose and entirely complies with the content of this Privacy Policy.

When necessary, we can use this information to directly contact you in forms such as Letter, Email, Message, or call, etc.


The Membership’s data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or the member logins and performs cancellation. Besides, the Membership’s personal data will be kept confidentially on Dr.Seven’s servers in all cases.

The unit of gathering and managing personal data.

Dr.Seven Joint Stock Company

Address: 25/1 Nhieu Tu, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone: 0898 118 268

Tax Identification Number: 0316241523 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City


The membership’s private data on the website drseven.vn is committed to absolute security by Dr.Seven. The gather and use of each member’s data are only done with that customer’s consent, except for other cases allowed by law.

Dr. Seven does not use, transfer, provide, or disclose members’ private data to any third party without the member’s consent. In the case of coordinated investigation with competent authorities, Dr. Seven fully reserves the right to use the above information for providing authorized units upon request without notifying users.

In case the storage data on the server is attacked, resulting in the loss of membership’s data, Dr.Seven is responsible for informing the authorities to investigate, handle it promptly, and informing the members.

Secure all online transaction data of members, including invoice data, digital documents, etc.


Dr. Seven commits to working to guarantee the safety and stability of the entire engineering system. However, if the problem occurs due to our fault, Dr. Seven will immediately ensure buyers’ interests.

When performing transactions on Dr. Seven, the members must adequately follow the instructional procedures.

Dr. Seven commits to provide the best service to its members. In case members cannot participate in the transaction due to technical errors, software errors, or other objective errors, they must notify the Management Board of Dr. Seven via phone 0898 118 268 (from 8am – 5pm daily) or via email address support@deseven.vn. We will fix the error in the most expeditious time.

Dr. Seven has no responsibility for handling the members’ messages, which fail to reach the Management Board, arising from technical errors, transmission errors, software, or other errors that are not caused by us.


All members, including Dr. Seven, committed to complying with the provisions of this policy


Dr. Seven accepts complaints in the following ways:

  1. On the website through commenting channels,
  2. Via the support phone number: 0898 118 268,
  3. Via email: support@drseven.vn or directly at the head office of Dr. Seven.

Dr. Seven respects and strictly complies the laws on protecting the interests of consumers. So the product by Dr. Seven must be comprehensive, accurate, truthful, and detailed with product-related data. The settlement of complaints through the basis of agreement and negotiation of the involved parties.

If they still cannot resolve the arising conflict through the form of the agreement, one of the buyers and sellers will have the right to ask a competent legal agency to ensure the buyer’s legitimate interests.