A Vietnamese medical products manufacturer, Dr. Seven, has become a proven and trusted choice for both domestic and international clients through using top-grade ingredients and materials to produce a wide range of medical and face mask products.
dr seven in full throttle to combat covid 19 pandemic
Dr. Seven is running 20 production lines at full capacity to meet the needs of their domestic and international clients

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Domestic Market Department, Vietnamese medical equipment producers can ensure a monthly output of up to 1.2 billion face masks for export purposes.

The coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing, serious global pandemic which is increasing the market demand of face masks across the world. On the global face mask market, Vietnam is currently the fourth-largest mask producer, holding a 4.6 per cent market share, according to figures from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, just behind China, Germany, and the US, respectively.

However, after recent incidents relating to the quality of face masks produced in China which failed to meet the standards, specifications, and requirements set out by the US and Europe, many countries have suspended or rejected shipments of face masks from China. Vietnamese face masks are garnering confidence and gaining popularity in the international market.

The reasonably-priced Vietnamese masks are persuading the most fastidious clients from Europe and the US by virtue of their high quality, strictly controlled production process, and good epidemic control with a proven track record.

“At Dr. Seven, we make it the highest priority to ensure optimal safety, health protection, and sustainability as we make each and every single face mask,” said Ha Tran, the managing director of Dr. Seven JSC.

“We are fully aware that this merchandise is directly associated with human well-being and is an essential front-line defence from viral infection. Our high-quality materials are either sourced locally or imported directly from South Korea and India, and are completely free of Chinese materials,” Ha noted.

Dr. Seven’s products – face masks, face coverings, and medical gowns – are all certified by popular national and CE (EU) and FDA (US) quality standards.

dr seven in full throttle to combat covid 19 pandemic
Dr. Seven’s face masks achieve the highest American standards of viral infection prevention

The face masks are one of the most coveted commodities produced by Dr. Seven, and are designed to fit even better for the purpose of enhanced facial protection from harmful contaminants including virus-carrying airdrops.

This line of ASTM-rated medical face masks manufactured by Dr. Seven guarantees ultimate security for those wearers who are exposed to highly hazardous environments, since it passes the most stringent tests and is therefore labelled as a level-3 (highest performance standard) medical gear, which is typically known for maximum filtration effectiveness against potentially infectious penetrations.

Dr Seven’s level-3 melt-blown four-fly face masks are comprised of a nano-silver layer marked with 99 per cent antibacterial efficiency and 98 per cent filtration rate.

Going full throttle to meet urgent market demand

With the current resurgence of COVID-19, the company’s management has anticipated burgeoning market preferences for the line of protective gear and masks on a global scale, and thus decided to invest millions of US dollars to acquire more machinery and manufacturing equipment for their factories while enhancing their production lines and speeding up the recruitment process.

Dr. Seven is currently running all 20 of its production lines at full swing to meet the soaring demands and orders that arrive every day.

Dr. Seven is currently running all 20 of its production lines at full swing to meet the soaring demands and orders that arrive every day. The hard-working employees are also working at full capacity across two factories totalling about 70,000 square metres.

“Export orders vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of carton boxes, which are equivalent to millions of medical equipment items,” says Dr. Seven’s top executive, “On a monthly basis, we can reach a maximum production output of 90 million items. We are confident in our ability to fulfil all the orders of our clients.”

dr seven in full throttle to combat covid 19 pandemic
Dr. Seven provides disposable medical supplies at a consistent and reliable quality to protect the health of all consumers

In conjunction with the increasing demand for face masks worldwide, the company has actively expedited raw material procurement and mass storage in the face of recent pricing fluctuations in the market over the past few months.

“At Dr. Seven, we do not consider medical protection equipment a temporary or short-term investment strategy during the pandemic. Instead, we view this industry as a long-term business commitment. We are fully accountable for everything we make, standing by our fully transparent return and compensation policy in case any losses are incurred from a faulty or inferior product.”

A senior representative from the company said the era of dirt-cheap or pirated products is already over. Local businesses are now set to allure customers by means of a serious and unwavering commitment to reliability, and in doing so, building up customer trust.

Source: Vietnam Investment Review

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